How Do I Know When My Car Needs an Alignment?

How Do I Know When My Car Needs an Alignment?

In order to get a smooth ride, your car wheels need to be in the right position. But we have so many people ask us how do I know when my car needs an alignment? Well, that’s a question that we’re highly qualified to answer. And when you bring your car to our auto technicians at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton, we can tell you if your car needs an alignment.

So, let’s get to the question, how do I know when my car needs an alignment? There are several warning signs that should get your attention. And if you notice any, just bring it to us and we will check it out.

  • Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel is off center when driving straight, that is a sign that you may need an alignment.

  • Pulling to One Side

If your car seems to be pulling to one side like that annoying grocery cart with one bad wheel, an alignment may be needed.

  • Uneven Tire Wear

If you have driven for a while with your wheels out of alignment, you will notice uneven tire wear. Usually, either the outside or inside of the tire is noticeably worn down more than the center.

Causes of a Bad Alignment 

  • Loose Joints

Your car has a lot of steering and suspension components joined together. Sometimes ordinary driving over time can make your car’s wheels fall out of alignment because the joints have loosened up.

  • Suspension and Steering Components

Your car’s suspension and steering components can wear out over time, or you can hit a big curb or pothole and damage them. This can be a big problem for steering but it may also cause your car to lose its straight alignment.

The Importance of Regular Alignments

Most automobile manufacturers recommend you get a wheel alignment every couple of years because, as you can see, wheels can get out of position for many reasons, most which can’t be helped.

If you live where the roads are rough like in the country, you often drive off road or experience severe weather conditions, you may even need an alignment every year. We can help you decide if your car or truck needs one. Our specialized alignment equipment will show us how each wheel is aligned. We will then compare it to the recommended settings from the automobile manufacturer.

Of course, you always want that smooth ride. So if you wonder how do I know when my car needs an alignment, bring it into our auto technicians at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton. We will check it out and if your car needs an alignment, our expert team will make the correct adjustments and repairs if needed to bring your wheels back into proper position. If your car needs an alignment don’t put it off. Wheels that are out of alignment can cause tire damage that may end up costing you more down the road. Call or contact us today for an appointment.