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Car Won’t Start, Car Battery Dead, Car Alternator Problems

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Is your car starter not working on your vehicle?  Is the battery or alternator or car starter the problem?  If you need repair for your car starter, alternator or battery call the ASE Certified mechanics at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton Colorado.

When you turn the key, you want to know that your vehicle will start, so don’t forget to check your battery, alternator, and starter. They all work together to make the engine start and run, and your electrical system depends on them, too.

So if your battery is dead, you can be in trouble, not only because it will mess up your schedule and could cost a lot, but because your battery might fail at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Is your battery over three years old? Does is take longer to start than normal? Is the battery fluid low? Is the battery case swelling or leaking? If so, bring your car or truck in and we can check it for you. If we fix the problems now, it will save you trouble later on.

Mountain View Automotive experienced ASE-certified technicians can also check your starter to see if it’s drawing the right amount of current. You may have a worn starter, or corroded connections or cables.

The alternator recharges the battery. Sometimes if your car sits for a long time, if you only take short trips, or if your car is exposed to extreme temperatures, your battery doesn’t have time to recharge.

The alternator not only recharges the battery, it also provides electrical power for the ignition system, air conditioner, heater, cell phone chargers, lights, radio, and all electrical components when the engine is running.

Your alternator may not be working right if:

  • the lights dim,
  • the battery dies, or
  • the engine loses power.

We can can check your electrical system to make sure your alternator is running properly. If we see a problem, we can fix it. Something as simple as a few fuses or a battery can sometimes solve the problem.

Your vehicle needs the battery, starter, and alternator to work properly so your vehicle will start and run the way it should when you turn the key. Bring your car, truck or SUV to Mountain View Automotive to have them checked out, so you don’t end up with a bigger problem.

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