Signs Your Car Radiator Needs Replacing

Signs Your Car Radiator Needs Replacing

Car Radiator Needs ReplacingIf you suspect your car radiator needs replacing, it’s important to visit Mountain View Automotive in Thornton to see what’s going on with this key component of your vehicle’s engine. We can provide a full diagnosis, as well as any repairs or part replacements you might need to keep your vehicle safely on the road. We specialize in taking care of your car like it was our own car. Just give us a call.

Inside the engine, the radiator is responsible for keeping everything cool and running properly. As your engine produces heat, coolant absorbs it and passes hot fluid to the radiator. There it flows through thin tubes and is cooled by incoming airflow from your vehicle’s grill. Once cooled, the fluid is sent back into the engine to repeat this process. If this cooling system isn’t working, you’re headed for major damage to your engine, so keep an eye out for these signs that your car radiator needs replacing.

Coolant Leak: Over time, coolant will evaporate little by little during, so you may need to top off every now and again. However, if you need to refill it frequently, start looking for a leak under your vehicle after parking it in one spot for a while, like the garage overnight. Even better, bring it to Mountain View Automotive and we’ll run a pressure test to see if there’s a crack in your radiator.

Radiator Rust: A leak in the radiator or any of the cooling system’s hoses may not always result in an easily identifiable puddle of coolant on the garage floor. You can simply develop tiny holes and drips that cause coolant to land on your radiator or other heated engine parts. While the fluid will typically boil down to nothing, it can leave a stain behind which eventually causes radiator rust.

Overheating: A definitive sign that something’s wrong is your engine overheating. If your car radiator needs replacing, your temperature gauge will shoot up quickly and steam will soon billow out from under the hood. Pull over right away, this is not a “limp” to the nearest shop kind of situation. Also, don’t resort to dumping cold water on a hot engine. A hasty cool down can cause it to the engine to crack.

Maintenance Gap: While this doesn’t necessarily mean your car radiator needs replacing, long maintenance gaps can put a vehicle in danger of catastrophic damage to the engine. So, if you can’t remember when you last had the cooling system flushed and inspected or it’s been about 40,000 miles, call or stop by the shop.

Now you know what a radiator does and what to look for if there’s ever a serious problem with this key component. So, give us a call or visit Mountain View Automotive in Thornton if you suspect an issue or your car radiator needs replacing. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide all the services your vehicle needs to ensure safe and optimal performance. We look forward to giving your car the VIP treatment.

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