Tire Rotation & Repair Services in Thornton, CO

Tire Rotation Thornton

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Mountain View Automotive, Thornton Colorado, 80229


Do you feel a vibration in your steering wheel, seat, or floor? Do your tires show an irregular wear pattern?  If you are looking for a tire rotation shop in Thornton call the ASE Certified mechanics at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton Colorado. Your tires may be out-of-balance and can cause unsafe driving conditions, call us today.

Mountain View Automotive technicians can balanced your tires. This will give you a smoother ride, reduce the wear on your tires, improve fuel efficiency, enhance drive-train components, and improve your safety.

We will determine if your tires need to be balanced based on your tire wear or mileage.  When we balance your tires we make sure that the tires are turning evenly which improves your driving performance.

In addition, your tires need to be rotated, this also helps improve even tire wear. This helps with balanced traction and better handling. Rotating your tires also helps improve gas mileage, and results in a smoother ride. It can also help extend the life of your suspension by reducing the vibrations.

Most tires should be rotated and balanced every 3,000-6,000 miles. Many tire manufacturers require that you rotate your tires regularly in order to keep the mileage warranty valid.

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