Month: February 2022

Timing belt repair in thornton colorado

Timing Belt

If you have ever wondered what a timing belt or timing chain does read on. As your engine runs, the intake valves need to open up to allow air into the engine. They remain closed while the air and fuel are compressed and ignited, powering the piston. Then the exhaust valves open to release the…
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Suspension repair in thornton colorado

Wheel Squeal (What Causes Squealing While Steering)

When teenagers squeal at a concert, it’s usually a sound of joy. When your vehicle squeals when you are turning, it could be a sign of something dangerous. When engineers designed your vehicle’s steering system, they intended it to work smoothly and silently. So, you know when you get a warning sign like a squeal…
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Winter driving tips

Cold Facts about Heaters

Brrrr.  It’s cold outside.  And if your vehicle’s heater isn’t working, then it’s cold inside too.  No fun – and potentially dangerous: heat is needed to defrost your windshield.  Unlike your house that has one furnace, a vehicle’s heating system has several different components, so it takes a trained technician to figure out where the…
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Heating repair by Mountain View Automotive

The Hot Switch (Coolant Vacuum Valve Switch)

When the weather gets cooler, you want the cabin of your vehicle to stay warm. When you switch on the heat, you may find the air that comes out of the vents just isn’t hot. The problem could be a part of the heating system that not that many people understand. It’s called the coolant…
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