Month: September 2020

Help your car last longer

Wheel Alignment Service at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton

When all a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment.  Hitting a road hazard or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday driving can cause your wheels to be out of alignment.  This can lead to expensive premature tire and suspension wear. Here are some alignment…
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How high altitudes effect your car

The Foggiest Idea (Fogged Windows in Cold Weather)

In cold weather, you may notice your windows fogging up. Then you can’t see where you’re going, and suddenly you and those around you are in danger. So, what causes your windows to fog up in cold weather, and how can you stop it? Fog is simply moisture condensing on a cold surface. When the…
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Automotive experts in Thornton colorado

How Time Flies

Funny how the mind can play tricks on you when it comes to your vehicle’s service.  If you’re not keeping track closely, time can slip away. A driver recently took his 10-year-old vehicle into his AutoCare Center for an oil change.  Knowing the colder weather was approaching, his technician took the opportunity to check out…
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