Reliable auto repair in Thornton, co

Prevent Costly Auto Repairs

You’ve probably seen auto parts delivery trucks in Thornton making their rounds. Every part has a story behind it. Unfortunately, some of the stories are tales of repairs that could have been prevented.

One-stop may be to deliver an engine air filter and a mass airflow sensor for a customer’s pick-up. His service advisor has been recommending he replace that dirty air filter for the last couple of oil changes. The guy’s been saying no to save a couple of bucks. Now dirty air has been getting into his mass airflow sensor for so long that it’s ruined. Talk about stepping over dollars to pick up a dime.

Perhaps the next step is for a fuel system cleaning kit and a set of four fuel injectors. This nice lady has never had her fuel system cleaned. Over the years, gum and varnish have completely ruined her fuel injectors. Her tech will replace the injectors and clean the system, removing carbon deposits from her valves and combustion chamber. Her engine will be making more power and getting much better fuel economy. Just too bad she had the unnecessary expense of new fuel injectors.

The next stop is a crying shame: transmission fluid and a transmission rebuild kit. When you think of a transmission rebuild you probably picture a lot of expensive broken parts. Sure, that can happen, but most of the time it’s just replacing all of these little seals and gaskets that got chewed up by dirty transmission fluid. Really, the guy didn’t service his transmission so all those little bits of dirt and clutch material that naturally come loose over the miles turn the transmission fluid into liquid sandpaper – and it just tears up the rubber seals and paper gaskets. Pretty soon there are all these internal leaks and then there isn’t enough hydraulic pressure to shift properly. Taking out, tearing down, and rebuilding a transmission can cost thousands – all because the transmission fluid wasn’t changed on schedule.

Next time you see an auto parts delivery truck around Thornton, think about your own preventive maintenance. Check your owner’s manual or ask your MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE service advisor about your manufacturer-recommended service schedule today.