The Importance of Rotating Tires

The Importance of Rotating Tires

Importance of Rotating TiresWhile many drivers in Thornton come in for this service, Mountain View Automotive understands that you may not fully understand the importance of rotating tires. Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about having your tires moved to a different spot on your car. Of course, if it’s been some time since your last tire rotation (or if you’ve never had it done), just give our friendly experts a call, and we’ll get you on the schedule for a quick and professional servicing.


What’s the importance of rotating tires?

By having this service performed regularly at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton, you can:

  • Maximize treat and improve your tire lifetime
  • Increase the mileage you get per gallon of gas
  • Get better handling, especially in wet weather
  • Potentially find other issues that need repair

While that last one may not sound like much of a benefit, a tire rotation can stop a small problem from turning into a massive (and expensive) repair down the road. It could even save you from an accident.

What’s the big deal about tire tread and rotations?

If you look at the bottom of your shoes, you might notice that the tread wear on your left and right are not the same. As most people walk, they typically put more weight on one side or the other, even the front and back of their foot. The same goes for the tire tread on your vehicle.

Now, if you left all four tires exactly where they are on your car, you’ll end up with uneven tread wear, even one tire wearing out before all the others. This could be due to all types of circumstances. For one, your engine is the heaviest component of your car, so your front tires are going to handle all that weight and wear out faster than your back tires. Your front tires are also in charge of steering and when you brake, all of a car’s momentum and weight shifts forward, again putting the burden on your front tires.

If you haven’t had a tire rotation, go take a look at your tires and perform the penny test. We bet at least one of your tires will have far less tread than the others!

Problems with the vehicle can also create uneven tread wear. Poor alignment, improper tire inflation and suspension issues can affect how your vehicle distributes its weight on each tire. When you bring your car to Mountain View Automotive for a tire rotation, we’ll look for indicators of other issues and repair them so that they don’t spiral into a bigger issue.

Bottom line, the importance of rotating tires is that you give every tire the chance to take on the weight of the engine, as well as the tasks of steering, breaking and more. While schedules range anywhere from every 3,000 to 7,000 miles, you’ll find the recommended timeframe in your owner’s manual. It will also provide the rotation pattern – when to move front to back and cross over. A tire rotation is something you might consider having done when you come in for an oil change, just to make it easier to remember.

At Mountain View Automotive in Thornton, we know the importance of rotating tires and want to help you maintain a happy, healthy vehicle. Let us provide regular tire rotations to spare you the expense of tires that wear out prematurely and ensure you’re behind the wheel of a safe vehicle. Call to schedule an appointment, or feel free to stop by the shop.

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