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Headlight Restoration

My headlight lenses are all cloudy. I checked with my Thornton vehicle dealership about replacing them and it is very expensive. What else can I do?

You are right – replacing a headlight assembly can cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily there is something Thornton citizens can do about cloudy headlamps.

First, let’s talk about why the headlamps are so cloudy. Back in the day, Thornton vehicles’ headlights were glass. These were heavy, could crack, and had practical limits as to their shape, so auto manufacturers started using plastic headlight lenses. Colorado road grime and UV light take a toll on the plastic surface. Over time the lenses get cloudy and discolored. Just look at the vehicles in any Thornton parking lot and you’ll see a lot of that.

Because a disproportionate amount of traffic accidents happen at night, smart Thornton citizens make sure they have maximum visibility. Cloudy lenses reduce the amount of light that gets out on the road which, in turn, can really hurt the time you have to respond to hazards on the road.

Fortunately, your Thornton service center (or MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE) can restore your lenses. Using a combination of special cleaners and polishes, the cloudy and discolored layer is removed. This service costs a fraction of replacing the headlight assembly.

How costly it is will depend on the size of the lens and how badly it is clouded. The can be used on brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights as well. If it’s been over a year since you replaced your headlamp bulbs, they may have started to dim. You can ask your friendly and knowledgeable MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE  service advisor about options to replace or even upgrade your headlamp bulbs.

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