Simple Answers from MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE for Thornton: Improve Fuel Economy

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Simple Answers from MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE for Thornton: Improve Fuel Economy


What can I do to improve my fuel economy?


There are many things you can do – some of them are easy.  One of the first things you should do is make sure your tires are properly inflated.  A plate that says the correct tire pressure is on the inside of the driver’s door or door jamb.  Careful – there might be a different pressure for the front and rear tires.  Check them at least once a month.

Carrying extra weight in the vehicle hurts fuel economy.  Leave unnecessary stuff at home.  Do we even need to mention driving fast and jackrabbit starts?  Gently accelerate and plan your stops so you can ease into them a bit.  This really makes a big difference.

Now there are several maintenance items that improve fuel economy.  Lubricants should be replaced on schedule – dirty oil, transmission fluid, and differential fluid cause more friction and drag which hurt fuel economy.  A big one is having a fuel system cleaning done if needed.  A dirty fuel system can really reduce engine efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

And if your Check Engine Light is on, take your vehicle in for a diagnosis.  Some conditions that trigger the light can really hurt your fuel economy.  Getting the necessary work done to correct the fault will help your engine run better and may bump up your mileage.

And watch out for miracle cures.  There are a lot of products out there that claim to increase fuel economy.  Check them out before you buy.  Ask your Service Advisor for ideas to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

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