Why Choose an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop?

Why Choose an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop?

Why Choose an AAA Approved Auto Repair ShopWhy choose an AAA approved auto repair shop, like Mountain View Automotive in Thornton, over other mechanics? Well, AAA approved auto repair shops maintain performance standards and often offer members a discount on labor, even a free maintenance inspection (on a paying ticket), written estimates when requested, a warranty on their work, as well as simple dispute resolution. But what is AAA and what does it mean for you as a member?


AAA is short for the American Automobile Association, which is a motoring and leisure travel organization. It has more than 55 million members who use its travel, insurance, financial, and automotive-related services. The not-for-profit has been around since 1902, and many people know AAA as a provider of roadside assistance and automotive-related expertise, a publisher of travel information, a leisure travel agencies, an advocate for the safety and welfare of American travelers, a financial products and services organization, a leader in the life insurance industry and an approval organization for auto repair shops with high performance standards.

More than 35 years ago, the AAA created the Approved Auto Repair (AAR) program and now more than 7,100 facilities across North America participate in it. According to an IBISWorld article, there are close to 250,000 auto repair facilities in the United States. So, you can see the auto repair shops in the AAR program are an elite group of just under 3% of all shops.

According to AAA, the Approved Auto Repair program is made up of dealers, independents, and specialty repair shops. When the program first began, the AAR program only certified general mechanical repair businesses, but now it includes auto glass businesses (Approved Auto Glass), specialty auto repair (Service) facilities, and collision repair centers (Approved Auto Body).

This Approved Auto Repair (AAR) designation is an AAA member benefit that helps point a member to a reputable, pre-screened automobile repair facility that performs quality auto repairs. All of the AAR shops, including ours, sign agreements to provide reliable, high-quality service performed by ASE certified or manufacturer certified technicians. This assures that your repairs and services comply with industry standards.

The Process

AAR approval is not easy. AAA demands the highest standards and that’s why when you see our AAA sign in our window, you know we have successfully made it through the tough AAA process. If an auto repair shop wants an AAA approval designation, an AAA service specialist makes a personal visit to the shop to inspect it for cleanliness, proper tools, adequate technical training, and the appropriate technician certifications. They will make sure the shop uses the appropriate modern equipment.

The AAA person will talk to the auto repair technicians and make sure they are ASE-certified in the repairs that the shop performs. This guarantees that the mechanics are highly trained and skilled. The AAA representative will also find out if there are master technicians who are ASE certified at the shop.

The AAA service specialist will also check the shop’s reputation with government and consumer agencies, as well as their insurance and financial background. AAA’s goal is to determine if the shop carries proper liability insurance and is ethical, credible, and trustworthy.

AAA will survey some of the shop’s customers to get their opinions on how well that auto repair shop meets their automotive service needs. The auto shop must score a 94% satisfaction rating or higher.

If you can pass all of these requirements, the shop will be approved.

According to an AAA article, even after the approval, AAR shops are continually held to the same high standards. AAA representatives visit the shop four times a year and re-inspect the shop annually in order to keep the high standards. They make sure the customers are satisfied and that the shop is still in compliance with the AAA standards. The AAR approved auto repair shops are monitored through customer satisfaction review cards that are given to AAA members who use their shop. Shops have to turn in 20 cards each month and keep a 93% or higher customer satisfaction rate.

Each auto repair shop will receive AAR stickers and signage that they will prominently be displayed at the shop. This will show what year the AAR approval was complete, so customers will know if the approval is current.

Getting Repairs

When people are searching for a good auto repair shop they can look for the AAA approval to help make their decision. And if they are also AAA members, they will enjoy added benefits added by the AAR auto repair shop. According to an AAA article, this includes:

  • Priority service when their car is towed in due to a breakdown
  • Written estimates not to be exceeded by more than 10% without prior approval
  • A 24-month/24,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first) on parts and labor under normal operating conditions
  • A discount on retail price repairs
  • A free maintenance inspection with other paid repairs (mechanical shops only)
  • The return of replaced parts if requested in advance
  • AAA assistance in resolving any repair disputes with the facility

If you are not a member of AAA, you will not get all the special benefits of AAA members, but you will know that the repair shop displaying the sign meets AAA’s tough initial standards, as well as ongoing approval from customers just like you. You can be confident that they will do a great job at a fair price.

So, why choose an AAA approved auto repair shop? When you see that we are AAA approved, you can rest assured that our ASE master certified technicians at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton know will take good care of you and your vehicle. If your car, truck or SUV needs repairs or maintenance, bring it in today. Your peace of mind starts with knowing that we are an AAA approved repair facility but go beyond that with the addition of a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation with an A+ rating. We are also a Bosch Authorized Service Center and a Trusted Napa Auto Care Center with warranty.

Call or contact us for auto repair in Thornton, Colorado.

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