3 Must-Know Facts About Car Alignment

3 Must-Know Facts About Car Alignment

car alignment shop near meThere is no question that car alignment should be addressed as soon as possible at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton. Here’s why…

Wheels that are out of alignment could affect safety. When tires aren’t pointing in the right direction, it affects vehicle steering, suspension, the life of your tires and most importantly, your own life!

When all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are aligned. And there are many reasons your wheels may be out of alignment.

Once things are just a little bit off, one or more of your wheels may start pulling in a different direction than where you want to go. The steering wheel might vibrate or shake violently. Driving for a long time if your car is out of alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly. They may produce a bothersome squealing or they could even fail. And nobody wants a tire blowout while driving C-470 at rush hour.

Bottom line, don’t keep driving your vehicle if the car alignment is off. Bring your car or truck to Mountain View Automotive. Here are even more must-know facts from our experts.

#1 There are Many Causes of Alignment Issues

How does your car get out of alignment? Some of the most common ways are when your car or truck hits potholes, bump curbs or concrete parking stalls. Sometimes even regular usage can cause the alignment to be off because as cars get older their rubber components can crack or lose their elasticity.

Even the ball and socket joints might become loose over time. Your car has a lot of steering and suspension components joined together. Sometimes ordinary driving over time can make your car’s wheels go out of alignment because the joints have loosened up.

#2 Poor Car Alignment Can Cause a Lot of Problems

Once it’s off, your vehicle will not handle properly and in extreme situations, you may even have a hard time keeping control of your car.

Luckily, if you have your wheels aligned regularly, you can avoid these issues. It’s sometimes recommended to have your car alignment done at every other oil change or when you get new tires. It’s worth the trouble because it will extend the life of your tires, which are so expensive.

So, if your steering wheel is off center that is a sign that you may need an alignment. If your car or truck seems to be pulling to one side immediate repair may be needed. This problem will diminish your driving comfort as well as cause trouble for your vehicle’s suspension system.

Even the slightest problem can cause your tires to wear unevenly. If you have driven for a while with your wheels out of alignment, you will notice uneven tire wear. Usually, either the outside or inside of the tire is noticeably worn down more than the other tires. It can compromise the entire tire and require replacement, or you may experience a blowout.

Remember, it only takes a 1/8 inch of misalignment to drag the front tires sideways the equivalent of 28 feet for every mile traveled. Resetting to the manufacturer’s preferred specs will usually extend tire life.

If you’re experiencing any kind of steering or handling problem, you need a check to see if your wheels not lined up evenly. An important aspect of aligning the wheels is performing a preliminary inspection of the suspension and steering linkage. This is necessary to determine if there are any worn or damaged parts. You can’t realign these parts – instead they’ll need to be replaced before any further work can be done.

#3 Fixing the Alignment Takes an Expert

It’s important that you bring your car to our professionals because the alignment specifications are different and determined by the vehicle manufacturer for every make and model.

The vehicle’s size, length, weight and intended are used to help determine the correct angles. So, you need car repair professionals who know what they are doing in order to get the alignment right. At Mountain View, we use computerized machines loaded with your specific vehicle’s requirements.

Your car alignment, suspension, and steering components should be checked periodically to make sure they are working well. A simple check can help spot problems before they become troublesome, before small problems turn into big, complex and expensive ones.

We can make recommendations based on tire wear and the visual examination of the front end about whether you should have your alignment checked out, but usually, it’s measured by fractions of degrees. We need technology to help us get the right alignment. Even if it is slightly off it can a big impact on your tires.

Wheel alignment is also required when certain suspension and steering components are replaced. It is also needed if the tie rods, steering links, control arms, tie rod ends, idler arm, or control arm bushings, steering knuckle, or steering rack have been replaced.

When you bring your car to our auto technicians at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton, we will test to see if your car needs an alignment. If it does, we will use advanced tools and equipment to make sure it is done correctly, ensuring your wheels drive straight and true.

With your alignment completed, you will drive straight and provide a smoother, safer ride. Plus, your tires will wear evenly and last longer. Getting your vehicle repaired today, can prevent more expensive problems later. Tires that lean in or out, even slightly, can affect traction, cornering and tread life.

We can’t overstate the importance of car alignment as part of your maintenance regimen.

If you think your tires are off, don’t wait to have them checked out. Bring your car to our technicians at Mountain View Automotive, so we can correct any problems that might be preventing you from having a smooth and safe ride. Call or contact us today for an appointment, or simply stop by the shop and let our certified professionals return your vehicle to optimal health.