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Automotive Timing Belt Repair Thornton

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A timing belt may not seem like much, but if it breaks, your engine won't work, which can mean expensive repairs and possibly an inconvenient and expensive tow.


You should check to see if you need your timing belts replaced, because at some point your rubber timing belts will deteriorate and snap into two, or the belt teeth will break off. 


If the timing belt breaks on a free-running engine, the engine stops, but if you're lucky there will be no mechanical damage. After a tow and a new belt, you can get going again.


But if you have an interference engine and your timing belt breaks, severe mechanical engine damage can occur or possibly the engine will need to be replaced.


Mountain View Automotive experienced ASE-certified technicians can check or replace your timing belt so you don't have to worry.


A proper maintenance schedule requires belt replacement at regular intervals.The belt is not visible (they are on the front of the engine protected by a plastic or metal cover), so it should be checked at the recommended time or mileage. We can do that regular maintenance belt replacement for you. If you don't know when that is, we can remind you.


Sometimes its more convenient just to check the timing belt when your vehicle is in for other maintenance. That's no problem either.


Timing belts may not seem so important, but they can make a big difference in your engine running smoothly.


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